Why Horses

Horses have been around for millions of years, living naturally in herds, each herd member taking a particular role in the dynamic of the group. Using a biofeedback system they are constantly communicating with each other.

Being prey animals horses are highly sensitive to each other and their environment and have had to use this constant state of awareness in order to stay safe.

Therefore their ability to stay in the present moment and hyper- sensitivity makes them excellent reflective mirrors to a human’s emotional state. Responding to non-verbal communication in the moment and states that maybe known or unknown to the individual. In other words horses “feel” us rather than “think” us.

They are not interested in what we do or what we say they are looking for honest and congruent communication that means they respond honestly to what we are bringing to the relationship. This reflection allows a client to understand and recognise how their behaviour maybe impacting others. If an approach isn’t working with a horse the client may have to learn that a different approach is needed. Thus the horses are able to create the space for an corrective emotional experiences to take place.

Horses are non judgemental and non critical and allow us to find new ways to set appropriate boundaries, build confidence and trust and create space to develop new ways to achieve our goals. Developing empathy for the horses means we can get in touch with others feelings and needs and this can translate to how we may relate to others in our lives.

Using a series of reflective and active exercises clients deepen their awareness of what is working well in their life and what is isn’t. Enabling the client to connect with new strategies that mean they can move into thriving rather than surviving.

Earning the respect of a 1000LB creature can increase a persons sense of power and using the equine work as a metaphor for life means these incredible empaths help us reach our full potential.