Equine Assisted Learning sessions with Charlie and Sharon acted as the best type of personal development or coaching session that I have ever experienced.
I was very stuck and felt invisible, after two sessions I had broken through some old blockages by the third was able to feel a shift and feel that I was seen again.
Trusting the process and the ways of the horse allows for deep and lasting healing. Sharon acts as a witness and holds the space beautifully.
LK. Hove


“I have found Equine Assisted Learning to be amazing. My boundaries are much stronger and clearer. I am much more in touch with how my body is feeling and I am learning to be much more gentle and loving with myself which is a new way of being for me.”
SK. Brighton


“I have been working with Sharon for the last year and during that time, it has really helped me to become more
in touch with how I communicate with myself and others. The horses have allowed me to explore my skills of authentic leadership, I am now setting realistic goals and achieving them in my life. Thank you.”
SW. Goring