Spirit Horse Works Equine Assisted Learning and Development

Bespoke Training and Development for Individuals and Organisations.

Equine Assisted Learning and Development takes place using horses to teach and educate people or teams. The work is carried out on the ground using various exercises that create an optimum for growth and development.


Individuals will develop:-

  • Authentic Leadership and Management skills.
  • Improve communication and confidence.
  • Build resilience and develop awareness.
  • Break down barriers and expand potential.
  • Incentive, motivation inspiration and focus.
  • Be more sustainable.

Specialized one to one sessions (3 hours)

Corporate or Group work:-

  • Authentic Leadership and Management skills.
  • Team building and goal setting.
  • Improve communication skills and gain confidence.
  • Develop strengths and recognise weaknesses within
  • The team to overcome obstacles and build community.
  • Create solutions and build resilience.
  • Create success and coherence.
  • Develop motivation, inspiration and focus.

Executive one to one session (3 hours)

Team Building One Day (10 people) per day.
Team Building two Day (10 people)per day.

These days will involve exploring the company’s internal culture and help to build motivation, incentive and focus to create a healthy sustainable culture that allows for success and potential to be achieved.