Psychotherapy and Counselling Testimonials

“I started working with Sharon during the Summer of 2012. I had been recommended through friends. I went to Sharon with a real need, after reaching a very desperate low point, for help and guidance after some recent hard life experiences and also childhood issues.

Sharon immediately made me feel safe, at ease and comfortable enough to start my healing/exploration journey. Her knowledge, energy and sheer presence is awe inspiring. She has slowly, calmly and patiently guided me into a stage of my life I only ever dreamed of. She has educated me, inspired me, helped and shown me how to truly seek and find all the answers and knowledge I needed to help me get closure, to learn from my past and most importantly, given me tools to seek fulfilment in all parts of my life, even beyond my initial issues I had been seeking help with.

Her professionalism is bar none. Sharon is an astounding therapist and through working with her over the last year of so, I have found self-empowerment. She has quite literally changed my life and for that I am truly grateful.
HW. Hove


“Therapy with Sharon has been nothing but a positive experience, she takes a fresh approach that, even though it involves discussing past memories, doesn’t involve being consumed by those bad memories. Sharon helped me see for myself how to move forward with my life, she helped me work through all the issues that I had in a calm positive and proactive way and I will always be grateful for this.”
ML. E. Sussex