Empower your Life

Equine Assisted Learning
Workshop for Teenagers
Sunday 17th May 2015

Being a teenager can be a challenging time of self-discovery. Many things can influence a person at this time and it is important to have a good sense of what feels right and what doesn’t.

Understanding your emotions can help you make empowered decisions that can lead to a happier way of being. Working with horses is a great way to help us develop communication with these emotional states. By interacting with them from the ground, we will explore new ways to connect with ourselves and the world around us. Within a small group, we will learn how to set boundaries, enhance communication, develop new strategies, so we may live happier, healthier and more confident lives.


  • Build confidence and Self Esteem.
  • Learn how to set appropriate boundaries.
  • Learn how to listen to ourselves and others.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Become more congruent and authentic.

Cost £90.00 Venue: SHW, Hastings.
Max. 6 persons