About Sharon

1SC2239-X2My journey began in 2010 when Charlie a grey Connemara pony came to live with me in Brighton. After some settling in time I began natural horsemanship lessons and soon realised that horses are extraordinarily empathic beings.

I experienced a personal trauma around this time and this led me to look into how horses can help with this kind of issue.

Every day I would go and see Charlie and he would respond by yawning, stretching or rolling and I would feel better. The horses naturally take emotions off us and process them without thinking about the why’s or wherefores, so at first I thought I was imagining this and then I realised that the traumatic symptoms began to subside. This incredible ability to help us heal is something that deeply moves me everyday as I work with clients and their recovery.

In 2012 I qualified as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator (EALF) at The International Foundation of Equine Assisted Learning (IFEAL). I began to work as part of their team as a co/support Facilitator on many of their trainings and I am proud to say that I support Kathleen Barry Ingram on “The Zone of Intuitive Knowing” workshop each year. Kathleen created the Epona Approach with Linda Kohavnov in Arizona. This approach underpins the equine work we do at Spirit Horse Works.

In 2014, IFEAL invited me to work with them and ex gang members from London. This project was about creating space for recovery from trauma and building confidence and empathy. The group built shelters and camped in woodland. It was a huge success and they loved the herd and connecting with the earth.

I am also proud to be part of the IFEAL Dare2Live Team, a charity helping Veterans transition back into civilian life. EAL is a fantastic resource if a person is suffering from PTSD, allowing the individual to regulate the Limbic part of the brain so new neural pathways can be created, aiding recovery. I have a keen interest in trauma and recovery and qualified with CATT in 2014. (Children’s Accelerated Trauma Training).