Equine Assisted Learning at Spirit Horse Works

Equine assisted learning is now becoming a well-documented therapeutic way of learning, which allows us to get to know ourselves better. Horses are sensitive, prey animals, that are in a constant state of awareness for any signs of danger and therefore allow us to be reflected in a very present way.

These wonderful empathic, sentient beings are non judgemental and listen without interruption so clients feel unconditionally accepted.

They are sensitive to non-verbal communication and respond to what the clients give them in the moment. Therefore they make excellent mirrors to human’s deep emotions – emotions that maybe out of awareness to the client so they allow us to create new ways of being, giving more confidence and better ways to engage in life.

Equine Assisted Learning offers us ways to:

  • Identify and develop new strategies to achieve our goals.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Build self-esteem and build confidence.
  • Create trust within ourselves and in others.
  • Learn how to listen and respect our intuition.
  • Set appropriate boundaries within ourselves and in others.
  • Release old patterns of behaviour that are no longer effective.
  • Strengthen the mind, body and spirit connection.
  • Develop new ways of being, making goals more achievable.

Developing empathy and respect for the horses creates an awareness of other’s needs and feeling which leads us to do the same in our relationship with others outside the field.

Earning the respect of a horse can increase a person’s sense of personal power and an increase in self-confidence in daily life.
Using the Equine work as a metaphor for life clients are able to change as they relate the activities and outcomes to their individual lives.

We offer one to one, group or corporate sessions that include reflective and active work, all lead to a sense of personal empowerment. Contact: sharon@spirithorseworks.com